Spiritual Wellness and the Changing Seasons

Spiritual Wellness and the Changing Seasons

The changing seasons can provide us with some unique insights into spiritual wellness. The subtle lessons that nature transmits can be easily overlooked. But if we look closely, the changing seasons have a lot of spiritual wisdom on offer.

As the seasons change, we begin to experience gradual variations of the sun’s intensity that make such large differences to our daily lives. The changes in the temperature and amount of sunlight in each day are enough to have a significant impact on how we feel.

Slow and Persistent

The effect is also felt by animals, plants and trees. The changes are subtle. The impact on a tree will not be obvious every day; the tree will remain quiet whilst the sun changes it slowly, but persistently.

This is how nature changes everything – slow, but persistent.

Having endured the winter and the loss of its leaves, the tree grows stronger in the spring and summer. And then again, each season, the same cycle is followed.

Slow and persistent cycles of change help us to grow stronger too - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Silent Beauty

Beauty is present in all seasons. Even the baron branches of a tree are beautiful if you see the potential that lies quietly within them, waiting patiently to bloom when the time is right, regardless of whether there is anyone there to even see it happen.

As with the beauty that lies silently within the dry branches of a tree, we all have our own beauty that is poised to bloom when the right time approaches.

Cycles of Growth

In the latter part of the year, the tree’s bloom falls away. In the falling of the leaves, part of the tree’s beauty is transferred to the ground. The tree does not hold onto what was before, but prepares for the next cycle of growth.

The seasonal cycles are part of nature which heals and aids our growth. Winter reminds us to embrace acceptance and perseverance. We learn to see the beauty of minimalist landscapes, devoid of their exuberance of spring and summer.

As winter comes to an end, Spring arrives to teach us that everything passes and not to give up hope. Life is unstoppable and nature breaks through the dark and cold at a steady but unyielding pace.

Summer shows us that perseverance and endurance is rewarded. The sun brings life out from the ground and nourishes everyone.

The seasons teach us that all things pass, whether we want them to or not, just as in nature and there is no good or bad time, there is just what there is. And there is beauty in all of it. Each moment can be enjoyed if we accept it for just what it is.

Nature Replenishes

The wisdom of nature inspired me to make Adarci products as nutritionally dense as possible, using natural and organic ingredients in a way in which replenishes us, both physically and spiritually.

Adarci believes that nature is the source of all spiritual wellness. Just as nature replenishes our skin, nature also has the power to replenish our spiritual selves.

We just have to look a little deeper.

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