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Learn About the Shocking Bias Against Brown Skin
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How I Discovered the Shocking Truth

Hello! I'm Baljinder Kaur, the founder of Adarci. 

Growing up in the West, it's often difficult for brown women to know who we truly are. And so when my daughter was born, I longed for her to celebrate the colour of her skin and rich heritage.

Having qualified as a skincare professional, I began speaking with many dermatologists & biologists and discovered the dirty secret of mainstream skincare: brown women are an afterthought to the skincare industry.

Even though women of colour make up the majority of the world's population and it's well known that brown skin is VERY different to white skin (in terms of biology, structure & function of brown skin), almost no skincare brand caters to our unique needs. This is just wrong.

That's when I decided to do something about it. I decided to create a skincare brand that fights back against the biased skincare industry. For my daughter, and all of the other beautiful brown women in the world, I created the world's best skincare for brown skin.

Start by reading these free guides and understand the shocking details of how we've been duped for all these years. Then feel free to share this information with other brown women in your circles.

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