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Our Founder

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur, the founder and CEO of Adarci, spent decades learning about life from her grandmother, who lives a life full of extreme compassion which seems to be based on an inner-connectedness and contentment that is rarely found. Her life inspired Baljinder to try to live a similar life and help others connect with themselves.

Baljinder regularly meets many women who feel low self-worth due to poor skin which they mask over with makeup.

Given this, and her background in Biomedical Sciences and Organic Skincare Formulation, Baljinder decided to create skincare that helps women from the inside out.

Skin is impacted just as much by how we feel emotionally, as it is by the nourishment it receives.

Adarci appeals to women who seek a more fulfilling and sophisticated life, both internally and externally.

Adarci Brand

Adarci inspires women to deeply connect with themselves, helping them to experience a more meaningful, fulfilling and sophisticated life.

Adarci represents our search for contentment and finesse. When you connect with yourself and fully understand who you are, elegance shines through effortlessly.

The word Adarci comes from the Punjabi word “Ardas”, which is a yearning for a deeper, more harmonious connection.

Modern-day living can throw us off-balance. Adarci skincare is formulated using bioorganic plant actives and therapeutic essential oils that encourage calmness and healing.

We use a blend of micronutrients, trace minerals, vitamins and omegas - carefully selected for their benefits to skin and their ability to restore balance.

Premium Organic Skincare

Adarci is a premium, high-performance, organic, skincare brand, formulated and made in England. 

We produce truly sensational skincare developed by scientific skincare experts.  Our brand is fully committed to delivering the best possible nourishing and luxurious experience for you and your skin.

Every ingredient is carefully selected for each product and is used for its nutritional benefits to skin as well as its therapeutic properties.  Our skincare doesn’t just enrich the skin; it travels deep beneath the dermis to feed it with the goodness it needs to glow with health, vitality and radiance.

Adarci is not just about our premium quality bio-active organic ingredients.  We believe that beauty, nutrition and well-being are harmonious.  That’s why Adarci is about giving you tremendous benefits, for your skin and your overall well-being.

Ethical Skincare

Adarci is vegan friendly and cruelty free. Adarci is packed full of the finest essential and botanical oils, premium botanical butters, high quality plant and fruit extracts.  We use a combination of micro-nutrients, trace minerals, vitamins and omegas and all are carefully selected for their benefits to the skin and of course, their ability to restore balance and calm in this busy and often stressful world that we live in.

The results are a powerful skincare brand that delivers genuinely nourished skin that is healthy, hydrated, youthful and glowing – from the inside out.