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The Founder

Founder of Adarci

The Adarci story began in the late 1990s when the founder of Adarci, Baljinder Kaur, was  growing up in England. Baljinder’s grandmother started to introduce Baljinder to spiritual ideas and concepts that captivated her mind.

Over time, Baljinder began to focus her attention on the deep beauty of nature, both which is seen and unseen. The natural world was revealing itself to be more powerful than what Baljinder had imagined. At university, the study of Biomedical Sciences led her onto discovering further insights into the power of nature.

Years later, whilst raising her own 3 children, Baljinder began to realise that science and spirituality were both methods by which to understand and interact with the reality of nature. This philosophy became the foundation of Adarci.

Baljinder founded Adarci in 2019 with the purpose of helping women around the world to feel confident in their own skin, without feeling compelled to apply makeup.

The Adarci Difference

Adarci has a new approach to skincare. We are led by our belief in the power of pure nature, which can be explored by both science and spirituality.

Adarci skincare is formulated with Bio-Regeneration Technology which elevates the skin’s natural ability to regenerate by blending the science of skin nutrition with spiritual wellness.

Whilst spiritual wellness helps to remove the stress and anxiety that harms the health of our skin, clinically-proven plant actives work to rejuvenate the skin from historic damage. Combining both of these aspects of nature cultivate healthy and flawless skin.

The Adarci Brand

The word Adarci comes from the Punjabi word “Ardas”, which is a yearning for a deep and harmonious connection with our spirituality.

Modern-day living can throw us off-balance. Adarci skincare is formulated using bio-organic plant actives and therapeutic essential oils that encourage calmness and healing. We use a blend of micro-nutrients, trace minerals, vitamins and omegas - carefully selected for their benefits to skin and their ability to restore balance.

Ethical Skincare

Adarci skincare is vegan, organic, cruelty-free and made in England.

Since our products are derived from the earth, we are committed to giving back more than what we have taken out. For every single product that we sell, we plant one tree as part of our Natural Earth Project.