Bio-Regeneration Technology<span>™</span>

Bio-Regeneration Technology

Adarci skincare products are exclusively formulated with Bio-Regeneration Technology™ which leverages the power of plant nutrients to stimulate your skin's own natural ability to heal and regenerate.

Bio-Regeneration Technology™ consists of a blend of carefully selected bio-organic plant actives, micro-nutrients, trace minerals, vitamins and omegas which work together to protect, stabilise and nourish the skin, enabling natural healing and regeneration to flourish.

Human skin is a living organ and requires the right balance of nutrients in order to thrive. The Adarci range is overflowing with nutrients that assist the skin to regenerate as nature intended it to.

Adarci's Bio-Regeneration Technology™ is the combination of three key processes in the regeneration of naturally healthy skin:

1. Protect - from dehydration, UV damage, oxidation and environmental pollution.
2. Balance - by strengthening the skin barrier, increasing collagen, neutralising skin reactivity and harmonising the skin microbiome.
3. Nourish - with an abundance of organically-sourced nutrients that feed the skin enabling it to naturally flourish.

    In addition to the large selection of nutrients, Adarci's skincare range includes a blend of actives that have been scientifically proven to improve the health of your skin.

    Aquaxyl™ Hydraconcept 

    Aquaxyl™ Hydraconcept is a patented combination of completely natural ingredients (Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol and Xylitol) which work to strengthen the skin barrier, instantly improve hydration for 48 hours, optimise water reserves and balance water circulation deep through the skin for optimal moisturising power. This incredible active works amazingly even for the most fragile skin and corrects the effects of dehydration, enabling the skin to regenerate naturally. 

    Aquaxyl™ Hydraconcept is used in Adarci's Awakening Eye Cream and Intrinsic Glow Moisturiser.


    The skin is the site of delicately balanced cell-microbe interactions and any disturbance of this homeostasis may lead to skin disorders such as barrier function disruption or excessive inflammation, which can increase skin reactivity and discomfort.

    Equibiome™ improves the microbiota equilibrium of the skin by using natural ingredients (Propylene Glycol and Arctium Lappa Root Extract). Clinical trials have demonstrated this active's positive impact on skin-microbiota harmony and long-lasting skin comfort.

    Ideal for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin types, this active improves the stress tolerance threshold of the skin and manages epidermal water content vs placebo for a better and long-lasting skin comfort.

    Equibiome™ is used in Adarci's Rich Clarity Cleanser.

    Natura-Tec™ Marine BlueVital C

    Marine BlueVital C contains precious microalgae that have been expertly cultivated from the ocean. The omegas in the microalgae are highly effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The natural ingredients (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cylindrotheca Fusiformis Extract) in this active increase collagen and the expression of elastic fibres. Additionally, the active regulates fibroblast activities in wound healing of connective tissue reorganisation.

    Marine BlueVital C is used in Adarci's Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum and Awakening Eye Cream.